Kirki Schultz is a Minneapolis based photo stylist who has specialized in National advertising, editorial images and marketing photography for over 20 years. Prior to photo styling, Kirki graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Environmental Design.

Kirki closely collaborates with her clients from initial concept and art direction, evolving into set design where she draws on her experienced styling talents to ultimately compliment the final photographic stage. Each assignment brings a variety of visual "stories" which cover work from sets and tabletop to character wardrobes and fashion. Her attention to detail is evident in her work, well respected and makes for a loyal client base.

"I love the collaboration and different viewpoints that we all bring to the table. I especially love the problem solving that goes with each assignment. Each job is entirely different from the previous one and I am constantly evolving as an artist and designer."

Kirki's inspiration is drawn daily from many levels. "Whether it is from the organics of nature-the architectural drive of the city or even my children's artwork-I love finding that inspirational moment in the simplicity of everyday life."

Please contact Kirki any time to review here portfolio or to discuss your styling projects.